Awesome barcode scanner!

RedLaser is an Awesome barcode scanner! So far, I've used it for groceries, books and makeup. It is super fast and super easy to use. You simply aim your iPhone at the barcode on the item and RedLaser does all the rest. In seconds, it displays a list of prices and links to a variety of online stores where you can immediately purchase the product directly from your iPhone. 

A feature I like is that it saves your searches so that you can access them for later use. You can also email the complete search results for a product or just a single link to the store you selected.
I've been using SnapTell for comparing book prices and have been happy with it so far. But, the extra step required by SnapTell of taking a photo first, makes it a longer process. I do like the way SnapTell arranges the search results alphabetically and with photos. I also like the local prices featured in SnapTell. SnapTell, however, only does books, CDs, DVDs, and video games; whereas, RedLaser does anything with a barcode.

I have a few suggestions for the next upgrade that will make RedLaser better for me: Give us the ability to sort the results by price, add local prices, and organize the search results a little better. 
In the meantime, I'll keep snapping those barcodes. Imagine how much money I'll save!
For more information on RedLaser, log on to the RedLaser Web site.


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