Ancient Rome app by Britannica Kids


Ancient Rome, created by Encyclopedia Britannica Kids, is an app that both parents and kids will enjoy. It’s educational AND fun!

The app is divided into segments that you choose from a wheel at the bottom of the screen:

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Articles: Read articles about the Rise of Rome, The Roman Republic, The Caesars, The Roman Empire, Gladiators, Art and Architecture, and Roman Mythology. Each article includes facts about Rome, the rulers, people, photos, and more. A fun way to learn about Rome!

A-Z Roman Gods: Information about the gods that were worshipped in Rome, as well as images.

Images: A wipe-off game that includes images of the main structures of Ancient Rome, including the Amphitheater, Road, Forum, Aqueduct, Baths, Lighthouse, Triumphal Arch, and Temple. The goal is to name the structure, but first you have to wipe off the marble to expose the structure. This is fun at first, but I got tired of wiping! Kids might like it, and it does reinforce recognition of the main structures of Rome.

Puzzle: Pick a photo and create a puzzle. I like this – fun! However, I would like a place to store puzzle out of the way. It’s hard to manipulate them as it is. Also, smaller piece options would be nice for older kids and adults.


Magic Square: also fun to do; however I got bored with the same photos that I saw in the puzzle. I think this would have been more effective if each game had different photos. However, it does reinforce learning using a different format.

Map: This is cool. Select an icon on the map and the app shows a location on the map as well as your own current location. It displays the number of miles away you are! Click on the location to see a photo related to that place and a brief description. There are only eight places to choose from, but it’s a start.


Video/Images: Nice photos, but only one video. I would like more videos. The one video is excellent. It travels around the city of Rome viewing many of the buildings and roads from this ancient period. However, it’s too short! Only 22 seconds.

Memory Match – Match the photos. All these different games help to reinforce learning, but they do use all the same photos. In all fairness, there are about 75 photos that I counted.  

Shop: Here you can buy other apps in the series: Ancient Egypt, Dinosaurs, Volcanoes, Solar System, Rainforests $3.99-$4.99 each.

Quiz: test your knowledge of Ancient Rome. This is a timed quiz. You can save the quiz to compare later scores or share your score on Twitter and Facebook!

Although I would like to see more variety in activities and more videos, as well as fixes on the puzzle game, this is still an app worth purchasing. Teachers and homeschooling parents can use it for review, as the basis for a unit study or to enrich lesson plans. In fact, anyone who likes to learn about ancient cultures will have fun with this app. Definitely 5 Stars!

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