Analyzing time spent with Eternity

It's one thing to plan and schedule my day, but my day doesn't always go as planned. By analyzing how I used my time in the past, however, I can vastly improve how I use it in the future. 

Eternity for iPhone (v. 1.5.2) is an extremely flexible and easy-to-use time tracker and analyzer. I can add as many or as few categories (such as work, school, and entertainment) as I want. Each category can be broken down into subcategories (such as product development, marketing, and billing). If I wanted to track clients, I could easily create a category for each client and then subdivide each client folder into projects. The list of categories can then be alphabetized or ordered in any way I prefer. I can also move categories and subcategories around and within folders, if needed. 

Keeping track of my time using Eternity is as simple as selecting the category, subcategory or client that I want to track. The timer immediately starts and doesn't quit until I click "stop." Eternity works in the background, so I can keep it running 24/7, whether I'm using another iPhone app or I'm asleep.

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When I want to review how I used my time, I simply select "Reports." I can view daily, weekly and monthly reports, along with how many minutes I spent on each activity and the percentage of time each activity used out of the total time.  

I can view my stats in pie chart form, also, which is one of my favorite features. Its visual interface provides me with a quick indication of in which category or categories I am spending the majority of my time.

If you're looking for a simple, easy-to-use time tracker and analyzer, I highly recommend this one. For more info, check the Komorian Web site.

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