Algebra Touch is Genius!

Algebra Touch is the perfect app for visual and kinesthetic learners. Here’s how it works. There are three stages: Explain, Practice and My Problems. In the Explain stage, you can either work your way through the lessons in order or select a lesson at random. Once you have chosen your lesson, you scroll through the instructions at the bottom of the screen and tap out your answers at the top. If you make a mistake, the problem won’t solve. If you’re right, you see the problem solve on the screen. You really have to watch this in action to see how genius this is. Check out this video:  


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After you understand how the problem works, you can go to the Practice stage to practice the concept as many times as you want. I wasn’t able to determine if there was a limit to the number of practice problems or not. There were more than enough for me. The last stage is My Problems. In this stage, you can type in your own problems and solve them using the same intuitive features as in the practice problems. You can type in simple fractions and up to three unknowns, but no exponents or square roots.

Algebra Touch 1.4.4 covers:

·      Addition

·      Like Terms

·      Negatives

·      Multiplication

·      Order of Operation

·      Pairs

·      Replacement

·      Prime Numbers

·      Convenience

·      Substitution

·      Cross Out

·      Equals

·      Division

·      Products Only

·      Variables

·      Isolate

·      Split

·      Basic Equations

·      Distribution

·      Factoring Out

·      Advanced (combination of above)

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