An absolutely delightful way to spend some time with your preschooler!


Charles Peattie's Animal Alphabet is bound to be a favorite with young and old alike.

Are you looking for a way to entertain your preschooler? Teach him or her the letters of the alphabet? Either way, here’s an app to do it, and you’ll discover that you’ll be entertained as well!

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You can view the app by proceeding through the alphabet from A to Z or you can select one from the icons that represent each animal. The animations and sound effects are awesome!

My favorites were the elephant with an attitude – I loved his expression! The Hyena has an adorable face and a hysterical laugh that will put a smile on anyone’s face! And I loved the lovey-dovey fish that burps in front on his new girlfriend! (By the way, you’ll never guess what x is. It’s very innovative, and I haven’t seen this before. You’ll have to buy the app to see!)

There is also a quiz. Personally, I think the quiz is too hard for preschoolers. For instance, the jaguar is a black square with the imprint of a paw in white. That this was the letter "j" was hard for me to figure out, but then I'm not a preschooler! Some are easier than others, and I assume that if you play it enough, you’ll soon learn which picture represents which letter. I also had several crashes while using the game, so this part was frustrating for me.

However, I’m sure they will fix the crashes in a future update. In the meantime, it’s a fun way to reinforce the letters of the alphabet while having a good time with your child or grandchild. Highly recommended!

$2.99 in the app store.

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