Absolutely the best in sound and quality - V-Moda Vibrato Earphones


I absolutely love the sound and quality of the V-Moda Vibrato earphones.

#1 – it’s a quality product. There’s nothing fragile about this earphone. It’s made of Zinc alloy metal and Kevlar® reinforced fabric cables. The stereo plug is 24k gold-plated. Unlike other earphones I’ve used, I don’t have to baby this one to keep it working. These are the sturdiest earphones I’ve seen.

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#2 – the sound quality is awesome! The bass is truly BASS; the strings and other instruments seem to be playing right in the room with me; the voices are clear and distinct. I can hear every note without noise. Overall, the experience feels like being right there in a concert hall. It’s truly amazing! I can’t emphasize the exceptional sound quality of this product enough.

The Vibrato comes with four sizes of silicone ear tips, as well as a set of ear hooks that fit over your ears for additional safety. I don’t like the ear hooks. They’re awkward, hard to keep on my ear and the earphone cables don’t stay attached very well. Nice idea, but not to my liking. I found a set of ear tips that are comfortable and stay in without the hooks, so I’m happy without the hooks.

The in-line remote and hands-free microphone work well and are easy to use. You can adjust the volume, control the playback of your music and video, or record voice memos and answer calls from your iPhone 4. 

The device is also compatible with iPhone 4, iPad, iMac, Mac Pro, MacBook or MacBook Pro and can be used for iChat, Skype, VoIP, and other audio recording applications.

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