60 ways to electrify your day!


Crazy Electric is a puzzle game in which you have to move and think FAST! Your goal is to light up the light bulb by building circuits. While you’re trying to decide how to build the circuit, the conveyor belt is moving components along at a quick clip. Your job is to grab the component before it reaches the end of the belt and place it in the circuit. If the belt overflows, the game is over.

The game provides a variety of wacky components that do different things including magnets, exploding capacitors, mutating chemicals, time warping flux capacitors, switches that change direction when tapped, and static spheres that shoot electricity in the air. 

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This is NOT an educational game (Just in case you were wondering!). It’s just FUN! The graphics are fun, too!

If you like arcade games that require a bit of thinking, this is the game for you.

Watch out for the high voltage - you might get shocked!

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