5 Stars for Portability - Verbatim Bluetooth Mobile Keyboard


What I like:

It folds in half and stores in a nifty case, which makes it very convenient for me to carry it in my purse. I’m not sure that would be a benefit for men unless they carry their iPad in a large case, backpack or a “man” bag. But for me, it’s great. The Apple keyboard took up more room in my purse.

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It uses 2 AAA batteries. I’d rather carry two extra batteries in my purse than a charger. Again, it’s the bulk issue.

It responds more like a regular keyboard than the one I tried that are built in to an iPad case. The keys are the same size so I don’t have to squish up my fingers to type.

It includes all the keys! Some of the iPad keyboards I tried left off keys to save space such as the right shift key. Because the size of this keyboard when folded out is about the same as a regular keyboard, there is no need to do this.

It includes extra keys, including a dedicated @ key, Home, Delete, Control, Menu, Alt, AltGr, arrow keys, backspace, and Esc. I can also control my iTunes music with the “media console” keys!

It syncs easily with my iPhone and iPad. The only thing you need to know is that you have to insert a paper clip into a recessed button each time you sync a device. It took me a while to figure this out! Once synced, you don’t have to do it again unless you “forget this device.”

What I don’t like:

The placement of the right shift key is to the right of the up-arrow key. I keep hitting the up-arrow key and typing in the wrong place. I realize this was done in order to include the arrow keys, but it’s taking a bit of getting used to; even frustrating at times.

The split between the space bar is awkward, but easier to get used to than the right shift key.

Of course, it’s not near as durable as the Apple Bluetooth keyboard.

Bottom line:

Because I like to carry my keyboard in my purse, I find the Verbatim more portable than the Apple keyboard. That’s the biggest reason I’m carrying it around instead of the Apple. As far as comparing it with keyboards built into iPad cases, the Verbatim has those beat by far. 

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