123 World HD - a winning combination of education and fun!

What I really love about the iPad is that it’s not only fun, it’s educational, too. Why not take advantage of this feature by not only entertaining your children, but educating them as well. 123 World Geography HD can help you do just that.

123 World entertains your children by providing “coloring book” fun as well as exotic music from places like Cuba, Ireland, Asia, and Japan. And, while your children are “coloring” and enjoying these cultural sounds from around the world, they’re also practicing color, number, and letter recognition.

They can also practice foreign language skills. With a simple change in the settings, you can modify the voice-over language to speak English, Spanish, French, or German. Now, instead of one, two, three, it can say uno, dos, tres or un, deux, trios.

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Your children can learn world geography, too. They will practice identifying the continents, the oceans, the states of the U.S., and the countries of the world. The app includes 10 different maps from around the globe on which to practice.

And when they have completed a picture, they can save it or e-mail it to a friend.

123 World Geography HD is a winning combination of fun and learning. Check it out today!  

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