Your AT&T Wireless account at your fingertips

AT&T myWireless MobileThis free utility puts your AT&T Wireless account right at your fingertips. I installed this app thinking it was probably just a quick & easy way to pay my bill without having to log in on my home PC.

I was right about the bill paying part, but what I didn't realize (I probably should have read the whole description) was that it also shows you minutes & data used & text messages sent/received for both the entire account & also each individual line on your account (we have 4). It also shows you new & current features offered by AT&T. I clicked on this just out of curiosity only to find that AT&T had brand new features that I didn't even know about. One of them caught my eye immediately & I added the feature to my account with one quick click. Did you know that AT&T now offers Family Map? A neat little utility that will pinpoint any phone on your account on a map. All you have to do is click on which person you'd like to find & within a minute there's a bullseye on a map with their name & approximate accuracy. In the city it's a matter or yards, in the country it's a matter of about a mile & a half. Who knew? I didn't ... until I installed & played with this handy app. Oh yeah, I still need to go pay my bill.

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