Staying in the green when listing on eBay

When I first started listing on eBay over a decade ago, I found out the hard way that just because an item sold ... it didn't mean I actually made a PROFIT. Boy was I glad to find THIS handy app!

Up until I recently closed my eBay store, this app was at my side during every listing! No more guessing, no more losses after shipping & fees. This app even includes PayPal fees which is now the ONLY payment type accepted on eBay. This app figures all the listing costs from the actual listing fee, to the FVF (Final Value Fee) of an item. After inputting your shipping costs, starting bid, type of auction (listing fees are different in some categories), & whether or not it's going to be a 10-day listing or not, you can see EXACTLY what your profit will be when it sells. I always try to make at LEAST $1, a number my husband always told me was too low, but after using this app, I found that I was either LOSING money in the end, or that I was only making pennies per auction after it was all said & done. If you list on eBay & don't already have a spreadsheet or other type of system for tracking profits, I strongly suggest you give this app a try. At .99c, it's worth it considering the increased profit margin you'll find yourself suddenly making after listing the items at the CORRECT starting price.

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