Shop the latest sales at Sears without ever leaving home

Shop smart & fast with the Sears2go app on your iPhone ... and get the current temperature at your nearest store.

You can shop all the deals right from your phone & save them to "My Deals", then simply get a listing of all the Sears stores near you, & when you get to the store you have a complete shopping list of everything you went there for. No more getting there & then realizing after you get home that you forgot something, & no more standing there & wondering which item it was that you had decided on ... was it this one? That one over there? Maybe the one you came for isn't even here? This app even lets you know which store(s) near you the specific item you're looking for is located in. No more driving all the way there to find out that that particular store doesn't carry that item & then you have to wait as salesmen call other stores to see who DOES have it in stock (as happened to me recently while trying to buy a bicycle from a different chain). Silly me, I should have just bought the bicycle from Sears after finding one through this app ... would have saved me an entire afternoon of time & a whole bunch of fuel. The app is free, so give it a try!

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