Not awake early enough to catch the Today Show? No problem.

Do you wake up early enough to catch the Today Show? I don't. We're computer nerds who can easily stay awake until 3:a if we're not careful & dawn? It's a 4-letter word in this house. Thanks to the Today Show app, I can finally see what I've been missing during those early hours.

This app gives you access to videos from the morning's show including news, advice, lifestyle, weather, interviews, trends, & more. I gave it a try today & watched a 5+ minute video on how to throw a garage sale. What great ideas! I would have never thought to have cookies & lemonade available to shoppers, along with a changing tent set up so people can try clothing on before they buy. They said to make it an event, not just a garage sale & I think it's a great idea. That was just one of the great stories available from this handy app. Best of all, it's FREE. Start YOUR day off right ... download the the leading lifestyle news app today.

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