Flower Picker for any occasion

Need flowers for a special occasion? Just want a new arrangement on your desk? Try Flower Picker!

Yet another random generator app that I had to try & I like it! OK, so I don't have any coworkers besides the other bloggers here on this site & I have no idea when their anniversaries are, but I could use a new flower arrangement on my desk & the combination above sounds perfect! I already have a vase, so I went onto my favorite online auction site & bought silk Hyacinths & Orchids. That should brighten up my desk for the summer! This app isn't completely random unles you use the Randomize it! button. It chooses the best flowers for the specific occasion chosen, so you're sure to give the perfect flowers based on the occasion. The app uses the meanings of flowers to choose the best bouquet for friends, family, coworkers, your significant other, etc. Don't accidentally send red roses to your ex for her birthday just because they're her favorite flower ... you'll send the WAY wrong message! For .99c you can be sure you're not making a mistake. I'll be away on vacation for the next 2 weeks, so until then, everyone have a safe & happy 4th!

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