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In case you've been wondering where I disappeared to, 2 things happened. 1) I installed The Sims  on my iPhone which led me to install it on my PC & that was it ... I was gone. Living in the Matrix ... until I joined the Fire Department. Now all of my time is spent there ... on calls, in training, at the Fire Academy, etc. Somewhere in between calls & training, I managed to find a few good apps made just for fire fighters &/or EMTs & turned my 1st app page into the the bat page ... kinda like the bat phone, but with apps. I'm always looking for apps, but these are the ones I have at the moment.

911 Toolkit: This app has a lot to offer. Hydraulics, Water Delivery, Tactical Checklists, & Training Quizzes. The Tactical Checklists tell you what to do on different types of scenes from vehicle fires to landing zones. The Training Quizzes cover Firefighter, Fire Officer, Driver/Utility, EMT-Basic, & Paramedic Quizzes. Perfect for someone just learning or seasoned personnel who want to stay sharp.


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Atomic Clock: This is my favorite alarm clock because it allows me to wake to my purchased music on my phone. Nothing like waking up to David Bowie's "Putting Out Fire"!


Calendar: This is the standard calendar that comes with the iPhone. A no-nonsense calendar perfect for keeping track of training classes at the station & at the Fire Academy.


Clock: Again, the standard clock that comes with the iPhone & a no-nonsense clock perfect for setting alarms for those training classes mentioned above. Otherwise I'd still be sitting here playing The Sims 3 & miss class!


Contacts: OK, I never really thought about the Contacts before, but once you start adding all of the FD personnel, instructors, hotlines, dispatch, animal control, etc ... sheesh!


Emergency Radio: I have a police scanner at the house, but now I have one on my iPhone too. Comes with me everywhere & I never miss a thing. One great thing about this app is that unlike my scanner at the house, I can listen to almost anywhere. FDNY, NJ, California, pick a place!


ERG (Emergency Response Guidebook): For .99c, this is a must have!


Fire EMT: This wonderful little app will teach you fire based EMT critical thinking by throwing a scenario at you & you have to QUICKLY come up with the best answer. For example: You are enroute to a patient having chest pain. 3 minutes prior to arrival, you observe a motor vehicle crash with probable injuries. What should you do?


Protocols: These are the medical protocols for all types of medical call possibilities. Abdominal pain through Pediatric Major Trauma. What to look for, what to do, who to call for additional help if needed. This is specifically for Suffolk County & includes phone numbers, codes, etc. Although I'm not in Suffolk County, I still find the protocols section very helpful.


FPC (Fire Pump Calculator): Calculation tool for determining discharge pressure for firefighting pumps.


Maps: I discovered how useful the Maps app that came with the iPhone is when we went on vacation in Myrtle Beach. We just followed our blinking dot to the dot we were trying to reach. It was great! Never got lost once thanks to Maps. It can also be very useful in finding an address of a mutual aid call in a neighboring town that you don't know as well as your own.


Messages: Just when i thought texting was just for fun ... turns out it's proven to be very useful in keeping touch with the Chief as I go out of district & letting him know when I return, as well as staying in touch quickly & easily with fellow firefighters & asking/answering quick questions regarding meeting at the station before driving to the Fire Academy, etc.


Police Scan: Another Scanner app that lets you listen in anywhere. This one includes a "Near Me" button which is great when you're out & about. I'm not talking about locally such as at the grocery store, but if you're on a road trip or on vacation, it will pull op a list of available police, fire, & EMS frequencies wherever you happen to be ... even if you're not quite sure where that is at the moment.


WeatherBug Elite: Last but not least ... I've blogged about this one previously, but it's also won a spot on my front page due to the necessity of knowing current wind speed & direction when headed to a fire ... especially a grass fire which we tend to get around here.


This is just a list of what I have at the moment. If you are a firefighter or EMT & know of any good apps that I missed, please let me know. If you're a developer & have an app in the works or already in the app store, let me know & I'd be happy to check it out. I ALWAYS have room for new, cool, & useful apps ... if not, I'll MAKE room! ;-)

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