Find the newest & hottest games at Best Buy

Are you a gamer? If so, the the Best Buy - Gamers Club app may be right up your alley.

This FREE app shows you the current special offers, sales, & deals on the hottest games, newest games, soon to be released games, & even gear like joysticks, thumb drives, memory cards, & more. I was never a big gamer until very recently when I suddenly got the SimCity & Sims 3 bug thanks to EA Games' new iPhone versions ... which got me to purchase the PC versions & now I spend HOURS playing on both. Anyway ... back to Best Buy's app! This app showed me a great deal on a 4Gb memory card for my digital camera, hot deals on top games such as Age of conan: Hyborian Adventures, & New & Pre-Releases like Sudoku Ball Detective (there's only ONE available on the auction site & it's more than Best Buy is charging BEFORE shipping!), & Sins of a Solar Empire Game of the Year Edition. besides PC games, you can turn different platforms on or off for your searches. I only have a PC, but if you have a PC AND a PS3, turn both on. You can choose from XBox360, PS3, Wii, PSP, Nintendo DS, & PC. There's even a store finder so you can swing into the Best Buy near you wherever you are at the moment. Save your favorite deals to a shopping list to make for a quicker & more efficient trip to the store, & even share your list of favorites with friends.

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