Can't download all those cute PPS attachments at work?

iFunPPSDo you get a lot of personal email & go through them at work because ... well ... you're there all day? That's fine, but when people send you attachments & especially in the case of PPS files, may or may not contain adult content or high volume, you end up skipping those for the sake of your job.

Well, now you can have them all right here on your iPhone. iFunPPS is "the best of" all those PPS files that get passed around in email. You're not viewing actual PPS files, but screen shots of each of the frames. You scroll through them at your leisure & without having to worry about what your boss & coworkers are going to see & hear especially when YOU don't even know what's coming. Save your job, save your sanity, & don't miss out all all those cool PowerPoint presentations that everyone is always talking about that you didn't download yet because your boss was within earshot. Cost: .99c

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