Bug on my Desktop, Bug on my iPhone. WeatherBug, that is!

WeatherBug EliteAs a resident of Texas & someone who is generally interested in watching the weather, I was very happy to see WeatherBug for the iPhone. There are 2 versions available: WeatherBug (FREE) & WeatherBug Elite (.99c). Both are very good apps. I 1st had the free version, then upgraded to the Elite version so I could have ALL of the features.

The free version is ad-supported, but they didn't get in my way or hinder the app. You get live conditions & hourly & weekly forecasts, NWS alerts, video, radar maps with a zoom feature that zooms in almost right to your driveway, & up to 5 weather cameras local to you. You can also save up to 10 locations so you can easily watch the weather in other parts of the country which is useful if you're worried about friends & family or are planning a business trip or vacation. The Elite version offers add free weather & also adds full radar animation (great for seeing exactly which direction a storm is heading & if it's getting more intense or starting to fizzle out), 6 additional map layers which include infrared, humidity, air pressure, wind speed, & next day high & low, unlimited saved locations, enhanced current conditions, map pin drop technology to view locations anywhere on the map even if you don't know the city or zip code there, & more. With the storms we've had this spring & the power outtages, I've had this loaded many times. It's nice to have all that WeatherBug offers at my fingertips even when there's no power to my desktop PC or if I'm about to get caught in a storm while I'm out. I've also been able to warn my friend halfway across the U.S. about bad weather on the way if I know she's out & not near a media source. There's nothing like being in a diner & getting a text message from 1,400 miles away that says "finish your burger, go home & sandbag the garage door ... NOW!" LOL

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