The Betty Crocker Mobile Cookbook

Betty Crocker Mobile Cookbook"What would you like for dinner?" "I don't know." Are you tired of hearing "I don't know"? Are you tired of always trying to come up with something new & different? Not sure how long to roast that chicken? The Betty Crocker Cookbook was always there for you. Now it's there for you on your iPhone!

Almost all of my apps have a "Random" button or a shake feature. I'm terrible when it comes to making decisions, so if it does random, it's for me! The Betty Crocker Mobile Cookbook not only has a "Surprise Me!" button, but you can also search over 4,000 tried & true recipes. The recipes are installed on your iPhone, so it's lightning fast & doesn't require an Internet connection. Make sure you've got a WiFi connection handy before trying to download this app. Because of it's size, it's a requirement & it will tell you so when you try to download it if you're currently using the 3G network instead of WiFi.

There's also an ingredient search, so if you're in the mood for pasta, beef, fish ... go ahead & put in what you have onhand & it will instantly show you great recipes.

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Have special nutritional needs or concerns? Diabetic & need to know exactly how many carbs are in a recipe? Dieting & need to know how many calories? No problem. Each recipe has full nutritional information included.

Want to share a great recipe you found? No problem. Email a recipe to yourself or anyone with just the touch of a button.

Want to save a recipe so you can easily find & make it again later? Again, not a problem. There's a Favorites button on each recipe so you can save it to your favorites for quick & easy access in the future.

I have many recipe apps on my phone, but I have to admit this one is by far my favorite & the price just can't be beat.

There are great photos, easy to follow directions, & best of all ... it's FREE!

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