These Speakers Mean Business: Soundfreaq & G-Project

Increasingly, businesses rely on audio and video technology for enterprise training, conference calls, not to mention spring and summer office parties! Therefore, I'm reviewing two new speakers, not through the lens of the audiophile, but of the business user for a change.

1. Soundfreaq Sound Platform 2 ($149.99, or $249.98 for a pair)

I don’t know about you, but I’m trying to shrink my wire collection one device at a time. This Bluetooth speaker connects to the iPhone, iPad, Mac, PC, or Android device. If you had bookshelf speakers at any point in your life, the Soundfreaq Soundplatform 2 represents the evolution of that platform. 

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These are great-sounding desktop speakers. And yes, I did say speakers, plural! The Soundfreaq offers a very unique capability — dual streaming. Buy two speakers, connect them via Bluetooth with the push of a button, and a single speaker joins another for full stereo separation. You can place them thirty feet apart, and your office can become a virtual theater. 

Go to the app store and download the Soundfreaq (free) control app and your iPhone becomes a remote control.

But Soundfreaq wasn’t done yet. Not only do the speakers sound great, but it offers two USB charging ports, and a convenient pull-out stand to place an iPhone or iPad front and center in the musical action. What’s more, these speakers include an FM tuner for web-free, cost-free music or talk radio listening. And, of course, they offer a line-in for non-Bluetooth enabled devices, like voice recorders and older MP3 devices.

And if you want to go completely wireless, Soundfreaq will begin selling a rechargeable battery for Platform 2 in June 2013 that facilitates wireless, room-to-room movement.

At $250 a pair, the Soundfreaq platform 2 brings great value to the personal speaker market.

But work isn’t all about the office. Sure, Soundfreaq provides great sound in an office or a conference room, but what about a BBQ or Beach Party?

2. G-Boom ($99.95) by G-Project

As much as I like the Sound Platform 2, it is not designed to lay on sandy towels or to endure the occasional ketchup or mustard drips. For this, I recommend the G-Boom from G-Project. Not only is this rugged, not-so-little speaker a bargain at $99.95, but it performs well and offers features not found in speakers twice its price.

From the rubberized handle to the sealed controls, it is clear the G-Boom was meant for more than an ordinary life. The well-designed case houses two 9-Watt amplifiers to drive a pair of 3-inch full range speakers and a couple of 1-inch dome tweeters. Big bass ports on the rear of the device provide respectable depth for rock or rap. G-Boom also is a great portable speaker for audio-challenged conference rooms and other locations that require presentation sound. Keynote ($9.99) on an iPad with embedded video and the G-Boom produce an awesome presentation duo.

On the back of the device, owners will find a rubber flap that protects the power port, line-in, and USB charging port. Once charged, this area can remain sealed, further protecting the device from the elements for as much as 6-hours of continuous play.

The vision for these distinctive speakers comes from the creative, the man who also designed Soundfreaq’s platform. Paprocki understands that one design doesn’t fit all needs. With Soundfreaq Platform 2 he created an innovative, technologically advanced speaker solution for home or office. With the G-Boom, he developed a 21st Century Boombox that will easily replace anything stored in a company’s party cabinet. Bring some music to the office and rock accounting, inventory, security, or whatever it is you do!

Check out this promotional video by G-Project:

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Daniel W. Rasmus is the Founder and Principal Analyst at Serious Insights. Rasmus is the author of Listening to the Future and Management by Design. Rasmus teaches at Bellevue College where he teaches Social Media and Personal Branding. He is also the Chief Knowledge Officer with the Virtual World Society.