Review: Incipio 1450mAh offGRID Backup Battery Case

I'm off to Las Vegas today for fun this time, not a conference. That means that once I leave my hotel room, finding a plug may be possible, but sitting in a casino tethered to a wall just doesn't seem right. And I don't think you get free drinks for increasing your place on the Angry Birds Game Center Leaderboard .

I want to wander Vegas all day (and all night) without worrying about my iPhone 4s withering its battery away in my pocket. So i'm bringing the Incipio 1450mAh offGRID Backup Battery Case which offers good protection for the phone, including a screen protector–and extra power without too much extra weight.

And with the OffGRID you can charge your phone, and the battery, with an included micro-USB cable. It's kind of nice to charge an Apple device with a standard cable.

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As the device charges, four blue LEDs at the base of the case glow with increasing steadiness until they all alight. Then you are charged. Unlike some extra batteries, the OffGRID doesn't kick in until you want it too. Simply hold down the power button at the bottom of the case near the LEDs until they stay lit, and you are now charging your iPhone (you'll hear the familiar chirp). Make sure you hold the power button down long enough for the lights to stay lit, or they will just flash to indicate current charge state. As the battery discharges, it broadcasts its level of charge by slowly marching down the LEDs until there are none.

All ports, except the sync port, are available, including the camera. If you are iClouded like me, you probably don't use the Apple port for anything except charging anyway. And unlike some cases I'm evaluating, this one comes on and off pretty easily. If you want to slim down after a trip, you can switch back to a non-battery powered case.  But given the weight and profile, you may not feel a need to do that.

I'm looking forward to winning my fortunes and staying connected at the same time. Never know when I'll need a reminder if I should split on 8s or not a the Blackjack table, or help finding the nearest buffet.

If your looking for a sleek, well designed backup battery that won't add clumsiness to your iPhone, then you should consider the Incipio OffGRID.



iPhone 4 4S offGRID Backup Battery Case - 1450mAh


Comes in glossy or matte black, white, gun metal grey, lavender and red.

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