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Review: Griffin Insert Case for iPad

So the school year has started. You're in class and you have your notebook, your iPad, your pen, your books and assorted other paraphernalia you are trying to fit into the few square inches allotted to you as a student.

Wouldn't it be clever if your iPad fit into your "system" more systematically.

Welcome the Griffin Insert Case for iPad. Three grommets let you put this slim case into any 3-hole notebook. It Velcro closes around the edge to securely encase your iPad. The case supports left or right-handed insertions for right or left-handed owners. The case mirrors itself, with plenty of open space on the edge to expose ports and a camera hole on each end aligns regardless of orientation.

Little protrusions on the edge of the case help protect if from minor bumps. This is not a heavy-duty case, but one made to be functional. I would highly suggest putting on a screen protector, given what I know of notebooks and things that can and do rattle around in them. And speaking of rattling around, the pen loop keeps a stylus or pen handy at all time. Simply snap the case out of the notebook and it becomes a self-contained unit.

Students carry enough. The iPad adds one more thing. Smart of Griffin to develop a cross-over case for learners who still need paper to supplement their digital lives.

I would love to see a future version with built-in screen protection. A screen protector would not only help protect the iPad from random backpack noise (read: keys, phones, pins, badges, etc.) but it would make the stand-alone use of the case viable beyond using it and returning it to the notebook from whence it came.

Binder Insert Case for iPad



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