Newer Techology’s NuGuard GripStand® 3 Offers Complete iPad Case & Stand System

A system implies more than one thing working together in concert. When using the latest GripStand® from Newer Technologies the word system comes to mind.

The $39.95 NuGuard® GripStand® combines a hard plastic case with a soft rubber interior that snuggles up to your iPad rather than offering it the sometimes rugged click found in other cases. Newer Tech’s innovations don’t stop at their approach to protecting the iPad. The GripStand® includes a unique hole in the case above the Apple logo.  This “hole” is home to the GripStand, a rubberized handle and stand that snaps into place. The GripStand extends up or down. It can lie flat against the back of the case, or it can extend at any angle, forming a stand for the iPad. It also swivels 360-degrees in order to accommodate horizontal or vertical orientations, or preferences for button location.  To reduce weight and profile, the GripStand can easily be removed, exposing the Apple logo though, to the harshness of reality. The case portion of the GripStand is also SmartCover friendly, but I still recommend using a screen protector for, well, extra protection.

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The GripStand also acts as a handle and a hanger. I was skeptical at first, and a little leery when holding my iPad from the handle or dangling it from a hook on the wall, but the attachments hold well when installed correctly. Make sure the clips snap into hole in the proper place or the GripStand will find its footing weak. Newer Tech trusts their design so much that they include a Velcro strap in the box to wrap around a headrest so the iPad with the GripStand can become an attached automobile entertainment devide.

That case with the GripStand installed is a system, but not a complete system.

Enter the GripBase, which uses the same attachment port on the case to embrace the iPad in a swivel stand that provides for elevation when in a stationary position. It can be angled down and back, moving the iPad closer to a surface, or up and away for tasks like typing with an external keyboard.  After evaluating several approaches to desktop cradles for the iPad, this one is the most attractive and useful. At at only $19.99, the GripBase is a minor investment.

And to complete the system, Newer Technology offers the NuGuard GripStand Station designed to charge up to 8 iPads (with the exception of the 4th generation) while encased in the GripStand, complete with the stand attached. This is a great way to charge and manage iPads in education, law enforcement, retail or other multi-use environments.

I do have one suggestion for the team at Newer Technology: a transparent plastic “plug” to fill the attachment port when not covered by the GripStand or GripBase. Such a plug would increase protection for the iPad without adding much weight, and it might provide an additional revenue stream for the “Grip” system. I’d feel better if my Apple logo was encased but visible, and my hand would feel better too, as I occasionally find a bit of edge fatigue when holding the case for extended periods of time without a cover on the mounting portal.

Other than that, the GripStand and GripBase demonstrates solid manufacturing and construction. The subdued gray and black fit in with most decors. I highly recommend this system if you use your iPad on the road and at your desk or even if you relinquish control occasionally to the kids in the back seat.


Newer Technology

  • NuGuard® GripStand®, $34.95
  • NuGuard GripBase, $19.95
  • GripStand Station, $379
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