Apple Releases List: Most Popular Apps of All Time

Following Apple's announcement on March 3rd that the App Store had reached 25 billion downloads (yep, you read that number right!), Apple released a list of the 25 most popular apps of all time. Check out the 25 most downloaded free apps for iPhone and iPad here, courtesy of Huffington Post, and see a full list of the top 25 paid apps here.

How many of these have YOU downloaded? And, whether they made the list or not, what apps can you simply not live without? I'll start: Facebook, Flipboard, Rhapsody, and Bejeweled (I try to resist, but those darn diamonds keep pulling me back for more). We'd love your thoughts!

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Nina Benjamin is a Contributing Editor for iPhone Life magazine. She holds a B.A. in Literature and Writing and has written and edited articles for several regional magazines, newspapers, and blogs. Once a professional ballet dancer, Nina now enjoys teaching ballet and singing.