Word of Promise Brings the Bible Alive

As a child I was raised to believe in God and go to church.  However when my parents were divorced I was left to continue my journey alone.  As a teenager I took the wrong path, and left the church.  It wasn’t until my 6 year old daughter brought me back to the church that I renewed my faith in God through the Holy Spirit, and  I vowed not to stray again.  Ever since that day I have been looking for a way to make it fun for my children to learn the bible and hear the word of God. This task was accomplished when I fell upon an app for my Iphone called “The Word of Promise Bible App”.

The app is slightly different from the “Word of Promise” audio bible cds that you can pick up in the stores.  While it uses that dramatization of the NKJV bible, there are many more features to this app that help my entire family in our faith journey.

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The dramatized bible audio is a big draw for the kids.  Instead of a monotone voice reading the text, the drama puts passion and character into the words.  The background music also adds to the experience.  My children say they feel as if Jesus is sitting in front of them telling them the story,and they like it.  My reading the bible to them is what a father can bring, but this adds such dimension to their experience of scripture.  While my son was doing a report on the play “Joseph, and the Amazing Techno-color Dream coat” he actually asked me if he could hear the bible story that this play was based on.   Even though other kids outside wanted to play, my son refused to leave the living room until that bible story was over. 

The Word of Promise app also has more than just the drama.  There are Playlists organized in the app so you can go through the entire bible, hear it chronologically (each in 365 days) or you can listen to the entire New Testament in just 40 days.  This was great for me as my church was doing a “New Testament in 90 days” program and I was able to participate with the drama app. Each of these apps can be started at any time and still begin on day one.  The app will download the parts of the drama if they are not already downloaded and play just that day.  Each new day will play a new part of the bible in order of the playlist.

The best thing I’ve found with this app so far was the search capability.  Sunday school at church is fun for the kids, but they still come home asking me questions about the scripture they read that day.  With the Word of Promise app I am able to pull up the book, chapter, and verse they learned and hear the drama play the story out.  This helps my children learn a bit more clearly.  I’ve also used this app at church functions when I have been asked to read a verse. 

While they have a version of this app to be downloaded and played on a PC, I personally have the app for my Iphone.  As traveling salesmen, I spend a lot of time in my car.  With the app on my Iphone I am able to listen to the app while I’m driving each day. With all the drama and not so Christian like music on the radio these days, I find my day listening to the Word of Promise app every day instead of the radio.

After reviewing this app for a month, I can definitely recommend the app.  If you are looking for something to assist you in your own faith journey, or if you have children you want to inspire, you won’t be sorry.  This app can be purchased for the Android, Iphone, or PC right now, but they are looking at making one for the Mac as well.  well. http://www.wordofpromiseapp.com/WOP.html

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Fred Claus is a photographer and writer living in Grand Island, NY with his
wife and three children. Fred's entire family are dedicated to the Iphone
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