Kids Learn while having fun

As a parent, it’s only natural for my kids to want to play with my Iphone.  That’s why I’ve been looking for some good apps for my 5 year old to play with that will help her to learn what she needs for school in a way that makes it fun for her to do so.  If you were going to only buy one app to do this, I would recommend the app by RosMedia called “123 Kids Fun All in One”

All in One has 8 different activities for kids to do that will stimulate their minds and keep them occupied without getting board with repetitive actions.  Children with this app will learn matching, sound recognition, colors, shapes, and also good hand eye coordination.

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Each time my daughter has a chance to play on my Iphone the All In One app is the first thing she turns on.  Each time she turns it on it’s different as well.  No two times in a row was she doing the same thing in the same order.

The voice that instructs the kids on how to play the particular board is very gentle and accepting to kids, and is the encouragement while playing the game.  Children are praised when they get the answer correct, and they are also encouraged when they get it wrong. 

They say if you want to learn how to do anything electronic, as anyone under 6. That statement couldn’t be truer.  Within 30 seconds of getting this app my daughter was moving around in the games, and doing what was needed to get the level done.  Within no time she was also showing her friends when they came over how to play the game as well. 

If you have any pre-schoolers, or kindergarteners and you wish to give them a head start on their education you can’t go wrong with the 123 Kids Fun All in One app from RosMedia.  There is so much to do within the app, your kids will be learning while having run.  This app has made a world of difference in my daughter, and I know it will in your children as well. 

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Fred Claus is a photographer and writer living in Grand Island, NY with his
wife and three children. Fred's entire family are dedicated to the Iphone
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