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Paints vs Adobe Ideas

I’m reviewing two apps for the iPod here because they are so close in terms of what they do they make for a good side by side comparison.

I’ve been using the Paints app (.99)  for my iPad for several days now, basically what it does is let you draw freehand either on a blank sheet or over top of another image.  What I’ve done here is draw over a goofy image of my dog Martha (she actually likes stealing socks) with a sock on her head.  For controls you have a color palate, brush size selector, undo, redo and save.  To evaluate these apps I just wanted to write her name at the bottom of the image and what I found may be significant, but you’ll need to be the judge.

In comparison, the Adobe Ideas app (free)  which does virtually the same thing but offers more options, for example not only do you have control over the color palate and brush size you also can control opacity, you can undo, as well as erase, there’s also a control for moving the image around on your screen, this might come in handy if you’re working with layers – which this app lets you do.  Another handy feature is that aside from saving you can e-mail the image directly from inside the app. 

So which app do I prefer?  They’re both good and fun little apps, with easy to figure out controls I don't think you'd go wrong with either. 

However, Adobe Ideas clearly has more features and is ready to be deployed in either the boardroom or classroom for expanding the collaborative process.  I also think in terms of smoothing the images you draw, Adobe just has a stronger engine for that, if you look at my cursive writing and the circle you’ll notice Adobe is smoother while Paints is more blocky – this is even more pronounced if you set the brush size to smaller diameter in Paints.

Which app will I keep on my iPad?

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