OutColor is out of this world

There are a large and growing number of apps for the iPhone targeted towards art and photography, OutColor is one of them. OutColor ($1.99) by Vizros Software is an app which allows you to do some fairly sophisticated masking of images you have on your iPhone. For the casual iPhone user masking allows you to overlay different images, colors, etc on-top of a base image, as you erase layers on top of the base image you allow what’s beneath to come through, the effects can be amazing.   Users of software like Photoshop, or Sumo Paint, etc are probably quite familiar with masking, but if you’re new to digital art this is a fairly straightforward application for a bargain price.
 OutColor is a useful tool for the mobile artist. So let me walk you though a little project I did. As usual, my son has signed on to be the guinea pig. While fishing the other day he managed to catch a few sunfish, so I thought to help show off his catch, to his grandparents I’d try to highlight his catch by applying a mask.
This is what I did. 
I took the photo with my iPhone of my son and his catch. I then loaded the image into OutColor and   used the frame with a white frame outline selected to put just his upper body in view. Now you don’t have use the frame, you just turn that feature off, and your image will show through the mask with an appropriate shadow to the image (this a neat feature I liked) you and also do this to just get a clearer idea of how the picture would look. I then used a combination of the image brush and solid brush to carefully erase the mask over only the fish, careful to reveal just the stick he has them strung on to the image inside the frame. Like Tony Smith of Vizros says, your image will really “pop-out” and the effect especially showing to grandparents is great!
The two things I wish this app did a little differently are, whenever I resized the image as I was erasing the mask, to get at the nooks and crannies, then zooming back out to see if everything was how I wanted it, I had to keep going back and changing the brush size – I’d prefer it to remain where I left it.   What I’m really wishing I had was the ability to add my own background and not be limited by the stock star field.
Now because I sent this as an e-mail image I did use another app to add the text, OutColor does not do this. Nonetheless you can see the possibilities.
This is a great app to add to a growing list of excellent iphone imaging software.


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I'm a behavioral health professional living and working in Maine specializing in psychiatric rehabilitation. For years I've utilized mobile technology to improve the delivery of community based mental health services, and embraced the iPhone when it came out in 2007.

I am also a doctoral candidate at Franklin Pierce University where I have been researching the role of the Liberal Arts in American higher education.

I write as a guest for iPhone Life periodically with a special interest in helping other professionals (healthcare, education and government in particular) incorporate iOS devices into their work, and several years ago introduced the first iPhone and eventually iPad classes at Lewiston Adult Education in Lewiston Maine http://laeipad.blogspot.com/ concentrating on helping other professionals interested in using and incorporating iPads into their work.