Nano strap and go

I don’t usually do product reviews, and when I do they are generally for photography using the iPhone.  Today I wanted to step way off line, and do a quick review of what I think is a pretty neat product, and it’s not even for iPhone or iPad, and only just barely for  iPod.

I recently got an iPod Nano 6th generation (and boy do I want another one!) primarily because I’ve been watching and doing a little tinkering of my own for a jailbreak after reading about James Wheaton’s discovery that Nano has the capability for Movies, TV Shows, Apps, Games, vCards, Calender events and so on, like it’s larger touch screen brethren.  I figure it wont be long before either Apple upgrades the iOS or there’s a full jailbreak in either event making this the next logical iOS device to have a space in iPhone Life magazine.

But in the mean time, until there’s more functionality added to this latest iPod Nano, what can you do with it other than play music?  Well, it currently will hold your photo album (though images are quite small), play podcasts, tune in to radio, work with Nike + and even has a nice pedometer which works without the Nike + adapter for your shoe. 

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Oh yes, it also has a watch.

So after some careful research on the growing trend of using the Nano as a watch I thought I’d give it a try.  I found an interesting design from iStrap4Nano (e-mail for $12.99, and bought one through eBay direct from Hong Kong.  It took 11 days to get here, not fast, but then again not too slow either.

I was not disappointed. 

The strap has a hard clear acrylic holder designed to hold the Nano in place while retaining full access to buttons, etc it also has a very flexible neoprene rubber strap (I chose red) and steel fixtures.  While it certainly has some bulk, it is not as cumbersome as I had thought, in fact there are plenty of large face watches on the market – all the rage over the past couple of years.

I have to say, I really am impressed with this watch band and would love to get my hands on another one to put it through the wash and some other trials to see just how rugged it really is.  I have no doubt at this point though, it is an excellent product if you want to use your Nano as a watch you’ll give this a try.

To get a sense of what this strap is like take a look at my video.


edit 1/21//11 correction of company name & address

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