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Making kids smarter, one Smart Kid at a time

Smart Kid - English basics lite (free) by Viralint is great!  Upon opening it up you can choose to get learn a bit about it, go into settings, where you can set up some parameters, or start right in with sentence completion, choosing from a difficulty level of1 to 6. When you set up parameters you can select the number of questions you want (10 to 40), whether you want to review the answers at the end, or mark each question to show the answer.

There’s also a Log of how well you’re doing, giving you the date and time, how many answers you got correct out of how many, and the level of difficulty.  I think this is great feedback for kids, but also is great for parents to see how well their child is doing.

Getting back to the meat of the matter, when you launch the exercises, they indeed challenge kids to read for comprehension, and I couldn’t help but believe while my son was at it he was also learning some spelling as well as how to use the iPhone.

Overall this is a wonderful app, and this version is free!  I’ve got to recommend this one.


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