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Lobster, get it here!

Here' a fine little app, Dorr Lobster (free) by Mobilaurus for Dorr Lobster Company down in Milbridge, Maine. The app is really just an extension of their retail business, so no frills, but it delivers. Literally! Want some lobster? Ayuh, they have that. How bout some crab, mussel, scallop, smoked shrimp, smoked salmon, or some wicked good organic Highland Steak? Ayuh, they got that too. Actually they have more so download their app and check it out.

How does the app work? Well it's only for the iPhone, iPod Touch right now but it's well laid out with the menu at the bottom allowing you to easily search their products, save them to your favorites menu, and order online. What I like is the ability to tap on one of their products to get even more information on it. What I wish they had, if you've never been to Down East Maine, is a photo section, maybe a few of the land, shoreline, and few of a local fisherman hauling traps. I used to live in Ellsworth and travel to Stuben and Milbridge and beyond daily. It's beautiful there.

Though I have no connection to Dorr's (as readers know I grew up in Maine and was a lobsterman myself growing up in Owls Head, before going to college - of course I moved back to Maine) I do love it every time I see a Maine business step into the mobile world like this, and Dorr's deserves some kudos just for taking this step, especially when you realize that they're fairly remote even for Maine.

So if you want some of the best of what comes from the sea or the land, give Dorr Lobster a try.

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