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Never too old to learn

Since getting my iPad I've been wanting to find out what my parents think about the device, so this past weekend I headed down to the coast with my son and iPad to relax and visit with my parents, and find out if they would like to try using an iPad.

My parents grew up during the Great Depression, my mother here in Maine and my father in the coal mining camps of West Virginia.  My father a WW II veteran, met my mother when his ship put to port in New York where my mother was working as a nutritionist, they've seen a lot in their days, but they hadn't seen an iPad up close.  Though well into their 80's now, I think at least my mother (who's always been interested in technology), picked right up on how to use the iPad. 

My mother is a writer, and true to her name a painter, so Pages ($9.99), ArtStudio (.99), and Adobe Ideas (free) were of most interest to her, though when she fired up iTunes and played a Johnny Cash tune, well my father came running to check it all out.


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