Get ready for iSchool

Though Apple designed the iPhone, iPod and iPad to be very user friendly and intuitive devices, they do take some adjusting to especially as they move further into roles computers have held - email, word processing, spread sheet, powerpoint, etc and are becoming more common in business, and educational functions.

This means there are some distinct skill sets, and work arounds one must learn to be fully literate with the devices, luckily if you live in Maine and can make it to Central Maine, heck even if you don't live in Maine come on over because Lewiston Adult Education has a solution. This September to help you get off on the right foot using your iPhone, iPod and iPad I'll be teaching an introductory class at Lewiston Adult Education.  That's right.  Come with your questions and problems and most importantly your hopes for use of your iDevice, and lets see what we can learn.

Though smartphones in various forms have been around for some time, the one which really has set the standard for ease of use through the touchscreen user interface is the Apple iPhone/iPod and iPad so this is what my class will concentrate on.

Master your iPhone in one minute a day:

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This class will provide basic instruction for iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad, from turning them on, to the basic seven finger movements needed for operation, to configuring settings for e-mail, calendar, music and video, and some of the hidden features you’re probably not aware of - like tapping on the grey bar at the top of  your iDevice's Safari browser will instantly scroll you back to the top.  We're also going to do something creative, maybe a group art project with iWall FlowerHD (.99) or stage a mini performance with the Bacterial Orchestra app (free), so be prepared to have some hands on fun learning.  

My class is targeted to the beginning and intermediate iDevice users, so in case you didn't know, it's happening in L/A!.  See you there.

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I'm a behavioral health professional living and working in Maine specializing in psychiatric rehabilitation. For years I've utilized mobile technology to improve the delivery of community based mental health services, and embraced the iPhone when it came out in 2007.

I am also a doctoral candidate at Franklin Pierce University where I have been researching the role of the Liberal Arts in American higher education.

I write as a guest for iPhone Life periodically with a special interest in helping other professionals (healthcare, education and government in particular) incorporate iOS devices into their work, and several years ago introduced the first iPhone and eventually iPad classes at Lewiston Adult Education in Lewiston Maine concentrating on helping other professionals interested in using and incorporating iPads into their work.