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Get animated with Animoto

    There’s nothing the matter with rediscovering things, and that’s the way I feel with Animoto’s (free) iPhone app, you know it really doesn’t get any easier to crank out some pretty fun and impressive video, take a look at the following video I made with my iPhone 3G of an iPhone 2G rebuild I did and turned into a video – of course set to the tune of Verdi’s Rigoletto.  This just goes to illustrate how powerful Animoto is for creating very fast, very aesthetic videos which, as mine starts to lead one, to educational purposes – or at least rebuilding a smashed iPhone.

So how do you do it?  Just shoot some still photo's on your iPhone you'd like to make a video with, sign up for a free (30 second clips) Animoto account (or purchase full length video for $3 or a full year for $30) and get creating.

Let's assume you're like me, and just want to do a 30-second short.  So click on that when you open up Animoto, then choose the images (off your camera roll or ones loaded from the last time you synced up), select the photos you want (between 5 and 15), reorder them or delete as you see fit, apply your choice of provided music (classical in my case), then finalize by giving your video a title and then create the video.  You then upload and wait.  Have yourself a glass of wine, and when you're done, so will  be your video.

One of the things I've been wanting to show on iPhone Life are the insides of an iPhone.  They are, in my opinion, aesthetically pleasing like many well designed things.  That said, while the disassembly of an iPhone 2G is not for the faint of heart (the first few times you will probably damage the case) it is not as difficult as one might think for anyone willing to take the time.  But if rebuilding your iPhone 2G is not for you, then why not watch my Animoto made video below.  Enjoy.

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