Watch out ProTools!

I wrote about the app 4Track in a print issue of iPhone Life. It’s an excellent, easy to use multi-track recorder with each track having volume, mute and solo controls. Audio files can be uploaded to your computer through WIFI. Even with using the built in microphone on the iPhone, it's been a handy tool.

But a new app has come to my attention that as Emeril Lagasse would say, “kicks it up a notch” by a factor of two as in 8 tracks (8 mono tracks that is). Rectools Pro8 is a feature rich app that includes a mixing console with volume fader, panning and a 3-band equalizer for each track. What’s really cool is the addition of a waveform editor that allows you to cut, copy and paste regions as well as set both the in and out points or split regions.

While these features are excellent, the app does have a few drawbacks. First of all there’s a seven-minute time limit on recordings. And while that may seem like plenty of recording time for one song, especially rock/pop, etc., it could prevent you from capturing that awesome twenty minute, two chord jam. Second, in order to download your song it must first be mixed into a 2-track stereo file. This prevents you from downloading the individual tracks and importing into your favorite DAW application for further editing.

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The developer, Rectools, also lists a few third-party microphones that work with the app including the Alesis ProTrack, Logitec LIC-iREC01, and Tunewear’s stereo microphone. A quick internet search found reviews about the Logitec device but no vendors selling (at least here in the US). The Alesis ProTrack will set you back $399 ($199 street) but includes both built-in stereo mics and two XLR inputs with phantom power.

Aside from that, this is a great new addition to the iPhone/iPod Touch musician’s toolkit.

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