iPhone App Marketing Tips Part 1

 Most if not all iPhone app developers are looking for the magic bullet to propel their app into a money making machine. With over 152,000 approved apps as of today this is a tall order. Over the last 1 1/2 years I have been spending hours a week watching apps and how apps become top apps in iTunes. I have also taken note of numerous developers that have developed some unique marketing tactics, which have placed their apps into the top 10 in the iTunes App Store. But before any advance iPhone app marketing secrets are implemented there are some app marketing basics that should be considered. 

1) Niche - App developers looking to generate revenue should study the different app categories and determine where there is a lack  of apps in that category, lack of quality apps for that category, or no apps in that category. Of course you should be sure there is a demand or at least have an idea there will be a demand for the app you are creating. Hot apps right now are "to do list" apps, over done apps are "castle defense" game apps. 

2) (Marketing )Name is King-  iPhone app marketing does not begin after your app is approved, it begins before your app begins the development process. The name of the app is one of the most important decisions a developer will make in terms of app sales. The current trend that has been working in iTunes are long, relevant app titles to maximize key word searches in the iTunes App Store. The iTunes App Store has a terrible search function and your app if named similarly to other apps may have a hard time standing out, or even being found. By lengthening the title of your app with spot on keywords you increase your apps "searchability" in the iTunes App Store. Example: App Name - WorldCard (business card reader and business card scanner), this app is found by searching World Card, business reader business scanner and possibly other combinations of these key words. 

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3) (Marketing) Social Media is Queen - Once the name of your app is decided on you should go out and create social media accounts in the following social networking sites for starters: 


Facebook Fan Page

Friend Feed


**and any other social networks you think will add to your social networking marketing platform**

You should already have a website, if not you can use your FREE Facebook Fan Page as a your website. You need to have a website URL for Twitter and other social media networks that allow you to link to a URL. Then begin to follow people, follow, follow, follow. The more people you can follow while the app is in development the more people you will be able to market this app to for FREE. Again if you do not have a website, create a Facebook Fan Page and use that as your FREE iPhone app website. To create a Facebook Fan Page you have to have a personal Facebook profile, but your personal profile is not associated with your Facebook Fan Page. **target your followers based on some specifics, i.e. search keyword iPhone, iPhone apps in Twitter and FB**.

This should be a good start to help those without any iPhone app marketing experience take charge of some of the most critical parts of app marketing early in the creation of an iPhone app. Think of your app as a retail sale, not your next greatest creation, sorry, but you must take the personal development part out of the marketing plan. Stay tuned for part II where I will discuss advanced social media techniques and additional app marketing tricks.  Mike Vallez

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Crazy Mike-(Mike Vallez), Founder Crazymikesapps.com, Editor, and Chief Creative Content Provider
My story: Social Media Strategist USIS, retired Tampa, Florida Police Officer and registered iPhone developer. I have always had a strong calling to smartphone’s since these devices first came about. My first was a Palm Treo, then a couple of Blackberry’s, a Samsung BlackJack, and finally the iPhone. I currently run a 32GB black iPhone 3GS and plan to upgrade every time a new iPhone comes out. Since I have had an iPhone I have had an unhealthy interest in iPhone apps. By this I mean I spend hours a day, week, month studying iPhone apps. What do I study? What are the best apps in all categories, what does the app offer, is the app made well, does the app perform to it’s description, and so on. My main focus of iPhone apps was from a consumer perspective. However, since reviewing iPhone apps I have developed some specific iPhone app marketing skills. Those skills include how to pre-plan your iPhone app for the market, iPhone app branding, SEO for you iPhone app, iPhone app creative content and user interface development, and iPhone app project management.