Virtual Fortune Update: Wiped Out!

Almost a million in winnings -- gone!I wrote about winning (and losing) virtual fortunes in the summer issue of iPhoneLife magazine - available now at newsstands and bookstores. I'd won a measly quarter-million or so at the time. By the time the article was published, I was up to $1.5 million in poker winnings alone.

Now, thanks to iTunes, that million+ is gone, all gone. A few days ago I fired up iTunes and hooked up my iPhone to buy a new app and it told me there were apps it wasn't aware of. I said OK at the next dialog box and watched in horror as app after app was removed. They were gone before I could stop it.

After that disaster I was able to download Texas Hold'Em and others, but I had no money in the bank and had to start from scratch in the garage again. How could a supposedly intuitive program like iTunes do this to an innocent user? And for the future, how does a virtual gambler back up that phony fortune?

In the meantime, anybody up for a few hands - in the garage??

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