PhotoBlasting: Practical Applications

PhotoBlasting is the term I use for taking a picture with your iPhone and sending it via e-mail. In my last post I wrote about blasting off a photo to slightly tweak a White Sox fan. I got an out-of-office reply, so the effect wasn't as immediate as I hoped it would be. I'll have to settle for a delayed reaction.

There are practical applications of this simple PhotoBlasting technique. For instance, you can keep your doctor updated on how you're doing. The article I wrote for the current issue (“Lose Weight With  the iPhone,” Vol. 1, Number 2) starts with my doctor getting on my case about my borderline-high blood pressure.

So I got a little program from the App Store called BP Buddy ($0.99 from oneAppOneCause) which keeps track of your blood pressure. That assumes you have a blood pressure monitor (which costs around $50) and that you log your readings.
Feeling I had a slight case of  White Coat Syndrome, where the blood pressure rises only when in a doctor's office, I decided to put it to the test. I even took the machine in during one of my visits to test its accuracy. It was fine, so I knew I could use it to gauge my progress.

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Once I had some readings, though, what to do? Give my doctor a call and pass along the numbers? Wouldn't it be better to SHOW him the numbers?

I used a technique I found out about in the first issue of iPhone Life - pressing the home key and the power key at the same time produces a snapshot of your iPhone screen. That's how I took the photos illustrating my article. So I did the same with BP Buddy, and got my readings over time.
bp buddy
Just in case my doctor didn't believe my best readings, I took a photo of the machine itself. I can send these to him via e-mail, and maybe next time he'll get off my back. When my blood pressure is reading 124/76, I don't need that medicine he's trying to get me to take.

PhotoBlasting the evidence is the best way to make my case.

We used PhotoBlasting on election night, in Chicago's Grant Park. It was fun to send pictures from the event itself off to friends and family who were watching it on TV. We weren't close enough to get a good iPhone snap of Barack himself (where's that telephoto lens app for the iPhone, huh?) but we did get some good ones of the crowd.

After the fact, showing our Grant Park photos to folks elicited interest. But the pictures I PhotoBlasted – when we could get on the network, which was completely overloaded for obvious reasons – made an even bigger impression.

So, take a great photo and send it right off to someone. I bet they'll have a blast getting it...

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