Making a Good Impression with Presenter Pro

We all need to make presentations -- to our bosses, to potential clients, to colleagues, to sweethearts (or hopefuls). Since we all have to tell our stories or make our cases, we might as well do the job well.

Presenter Pro from Reximedia (available now through the App Store for $4.99) promises to help us make a good impression in the eyes other people, whoever they might be. How does it do that? By reminding us of what a great presentation can be.

Great presentations are organized, to the point, they start off with a bang, using powerful graphic images and just enough words to get the most important point across.

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Reximedia has created a tool that walks you through the possibilities, then helps you choose for yourself based on your current presentation challenge.

You'll learn about structure, content, voice and gestures. This deceptively deep program models its own best practices. There are lots of great photos, punchy text, videos and knowledge checks, even. (My only complaint is that the knowledge check doesn't report total right or wrong, or percentage correct.)

Presenter Pro has some nifty ways to help you take notes, too. Just swipe a section of text and it can be added to a checklist within the app. There's also a note-taking section, which you can use for the exercises thrown your way.

I've worked with one of the people behind Reximedia, Dr. Carmen Taran, and was able to see a pre-publication of her most recent book on Beginnings. I see many of her book's insights being put to good use in this useful app. Danielle Daly and Dr. Taran really want us to get better at presenting ourselves to others.

Finally, if wouldn't be a good presentation without a big finish, and Reximedia delivers that. The big finish is when you get up before somebody and after you're done, you feel that you wowed the crowd.


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