Lose weight with your iPhone - I did!

In the spring 2009 issue of iPhone Life, I wrote about how to "Lose Weight with the iPhone." The photo that illustrated the piece showed my 11-pound weight loss in two months. I was standing at 199 at the time - down from 210 at Christmas.

I also wrote that the Edibles app said that I'd have to get down to 170 before I could consider myself "healthy." Well, on August 3rd I tipped the same scale at 169.8 pounds! I followed my own advice and did what my iPhone told me I was allowed to do.

Honestly, I never felt deprived or starved. I might have been slightly hungry on occasion, but if you're feeling full all the time you're probably not losing weight, right? So if I can lose 40 pounds, you can, too! Download Edibles, start losing poundage now and report back! You'll look better and feel better. You might also live longer. Isn't that worth the price of an app?

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<p>Found out about the power of the iPhone by creating training for people who were selling it. Didn't realize how much fun and how useful it would be. This blog will explore both aspects.</p>