Looking at the Beatles through a Music Skin

The Beatles Rubber Soul Music Skin

I don't think we'll ever get tired of The Beatles -- they're racking up CD sales 40 years after breaking up!

Now you can cover your iPhone or iPod Touch with a Beatles Music Skin, featuring images on the face of the phone and on the back. They help protect your device with style, even if it is the style of the 60's or 70's.

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The Abbey Road Music SkinMusic Skins are scratch resistant, lightweight and durable. I ordered mine from one of the first outlets to get a shipment: The Fest for Beatles Fans, at the Fest's online store.

If you're really into these guys, you can get skins for your laptop, too.

John Lennon at the Statue of Liberty, Sometime in the '70sI was always a John Lennon fan, so when I saw some Lennon skins from his New York days, I had to have one. We stayed on Staten Island during our most recent trip to NYC, and passed the Statue of Liberty twice a day. The pic of John in front of Lady Liberty, with text reading "Imagine Peace" above his signature sold me.

More information (and other, more contemporary selections) can be found at the Music Skins site.



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