iPhone PhotoBlasting: Who Are Your Innocent Victims?

Chicago Cubs TicketsI've got some Chicago White Sox fans in a fix. My Cubs-fan neighbor let me buy some of his long-time Wrigley Field season tickets. The neighbor wasn't interested in seeing American League teams – as if his Cubs will ever see an AL team when it really counts, in October – so he gave me my choice of interleague games.

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I scooped up three to see the Cubs vs. Twins for a Sunday afternoon. My friend and his son are both big-time Sox fans, which in this city (Chicago) usually means they're major Cubs-haters.

For this one game, though, they're going to be root-root-rooting for the Cub-bies, to beat Minnesota. For a true White Sox fan, the Twinkies may be hated even more than the poor Cubs. After all, they're in the same division as “Our Sox,” as former Red Sox player and current White Sox announcer Ken “Hawk” Harrelson calls them. Too often, Ron Gardenhire's guys defeat that South Side team when it really counts. I'm quite sure Ozzie Guillen wants to beat them more than his cross-town “rivals.”

I wrote the check for the tickets tonight, and laid them on the counter. I had to take a snap. Then of course I had to shoot it out to my friend via e-mail. I call a tweak like this PhotoBlasting. When my pal sees these tickets, he might finally realize what he's gotten himself into. They're so cute, aren't they?

To cover our Sox pride, I thought I could print up some T-shirts that say on the front “Sox Fans AND Cubs Fans” and then on the back they would say “TODAY ONLY.!”

I'm sure you've PhotoBlasted somebody yourself with your iPhone, possibly, using the built-in e-mail-a-picture-right-now function? Just touching the bottom left part of a photo in the gallery opens up the e-mail. It's so easy, I sometimes like to send a shot as an excuse to keep in touch, with minimal typing.

What's your favorite story of sending a photo to somebody? Did you get a response?

Just keep those stories clean – this is a family blog, right?


P.S. I'm a new blogger on the block, so let me know who you are. I look forward to more of a conversation than a monologue...


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