iPhone App Developers Profiled

Flashlight appIn the Chicago Tribune giveaway daily, Redeye, Chicago-based iPhone App developers speak about their successes. Lars Bergstrom, for instance, is a PhD candidate at the University of Chicago, but came away with $100,000 or so for coming up with the WiFi Finder app.

And if you've ever needed a quick light in the garage or basement, you might want to download the free Flashlight app. John Haney dreamed up -- and then created -- "the App Store's No. 1 free utility application downloaded in 2008." He doesn't say how much he made from that cool and useful app. How can you make money on something that's free?

We might ask the same of the newspaper industry. But if the Trib is giving it away, here it is: http://redeye.chicagotribune.com/red-042109-appstoriches-side,0,1340641....

BTW, the sidebar stories might indicate the demographics of Redeye's audience. Lots of eye-candy, not many words. But to be fair, Redeye reprints the New York Times article mentioned in an earlier blog post.

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