Interview with inventor of the Bandshell accessory

Provides protection, colorfullyHave you ever used the speakerphone feature of your iPhone and wondered if you were being heard alright? You probably asked the other party, because it didn’t sound so great coming out of your iPhone. You wish the sound was just a little louder, and a little more clear. Oh, and it would be great if your iPhone propped itself up while you talked, too. The Bandshell  iPhone amplifier case does that and other good stuff, too.”The durable case gives us what we all want -- protection of this little personal computer we carry around with us,” Ted McNamara, the inventor of the Bandshell, said by speakerphone today. “These are delicate machines.” Ted uses it just about every time a call comes in. “I get a call. I open the sound case, hit speakerphone, set it on its side and start talking to the person. I can hear them better, too,” he says. But when he doesn’t want to have the Bandshell around his iPhone, it’s very easy to remove.Bandshell ready for speakerphone call It’s all made in Wisconsin, from American resources, so they’re helping to support  the local economy, too. Bandshells come in about a dozen colors, and the web site recommends that users trade backs and fronts with their friends, to create unique color combinations. Ted took a green front and attached it to a red back to create a Christmas cover. If you want to come up with your own color combo (purple and white, Vikings fans?), you may have to buy two.Try out the colors online at Many thousands of very lucky youngsters (and older folks as well) are going to be getting iPhones over the holidays, and there are hundreds of cases to choose from. They might appreciate getting the gift of a case that helps them hear – and be heard – a little bit better. Bandshells are available for $19.99. The company is participating in Free Shipping Day on December 17, 2009 ( For a video demonstration of Bandshells in action, click on the home page link that says “How It Works.”[NOTE: This blog entry has been edited to reflect the fact that Ted McNamara is the sole inventor of the Bandshell.]

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