Interleague action, iPhone-style

How to keep track of both Chicago teams - while at Wrigley Field? Not on the hand-operated scoreboard. The MLB app iPhone Life publisher Hal Goldstein blogged about earlier in the season might let me know how the White Sox are doing 90 miles north playing the Milwaukee Brewers. It depends on the connectivity at Wrigley. More later.

UPDATE: The White Sox tie up their game on a home run by the pitcher, I see on MLB Gameday. The Wrigley scoreboard shows nothing until after the inning is over. Meanwhile, the Cubs threaten to tie or take the less themselves.

UPDATE 2: Sox take a 4-2 lead (my iPhone tells me) just after the Cubs tie it up. Am I paying more attention to the phone? Possibly. Switching it off so we can get some runs here...

UPDATE 3: It worked! Cubs score the go-ahead run, while the Southsiders maintain their lead at Miller Park. All is well - for the moment.

UPDATE 4: Just after getting the "low battery" warning, I see that the Sox have taken a 5-4 lead in the 9th. At The Shrine, Cubs and Twins are tied at 2 in the 9th. Fingernail-biting time.

FINAL UPDATE: Down to 10% power, but no matter - both the Cubs and Sox won their games in the 9th inning. My work here is finished...

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