VDO notifier app iOS Review

Just as the description says, the VDO notifier app allows you to create and schedule video notifications for yourself (or whoever has your phone). Creating a notification was easy – pick a title, a time, and an existing video on the iPod touch. The  “Video record” button within the App dashboard allows you to seamlessly record the video before creating the alarm. This is the way I create video reminders now without ever leaving the App. I didn’t see this button at first, and I would have liked to have seen the App allow me to record a video from within the alarm creation dialogue. Instead, I had to open the Camera app and record the video there. That’s not necessary with the built-in video recorder button.

The App did what I expected it to do – when the alarm went off, the video automatically started playing my pre-recorded video message. When the video reminder had completed, I had the option to play it again, keep the alert, keep the notifier, or delete the notifier. Great for scheduled alarms that you need to see over and over, but easy setup and use of one-time alerts as well. 

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The App also allows you to share your notifications with nearby iPods and iPads (I suspect, anything else connected to your wireless network), but they will need the software installed as well.

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