Charades for iOS review


Now enjoy the new and fresh game on your iphone and ipads for free. Charades is a complete entertainment package for you and your friends. There are some games available where you can only compete with yourself but now you can play with your friends as long as you can download free of cost. You don’t have to get any tokens, berries and any other virtual currencies, play it with simple points and win. Download it today and simply play it without paying anything and have hours of fun.

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Charades is a great fun app for all iphone and ipad users. It is a challenge giving app which simply helps you to sharp your knowledge, speed, richness of associations and mutual skills while playing it with your friends and other players all around the world. While you are playing this game, you can invite 1, 2, or 3 friends from all around the world to play with you. Turn by turn each of you will draw a random selected phrase on your screen while other players will have to hurry to guess that phrase first and score. All the players will be allowed to see the guesses of other players. As soon as the phrase is guessed correctly, you will get more points.

There are no language barriers as well, as this app is available in English, French, Polish, Spanish, and German. Each of these language versions have few thousands ideally selected phrases like sayings, proverbs, phrases, and single words. The makers are regularly updating and improving the phrase base. You can also submit your own proposals and suggestions whenever you want. You can select your language dictionary anytime so that you can also play it in other languages. 


As soon as you have scored 500 points, the game will end and at that time you will see pictures, which were drawn by you and your friends. You can mark pictures as favorite, can send by e-mail to acquaintances or also publish on Facebook. There is one best and additional option of training available for every player. Whenever you want to polish your skills, you can go with it without the time limit and points. Simply select the option from the menu and start practicing drawing for suggested phrases as long as you want. You can also save those pictures in archive, and can return to them and share the time you want. 

This app is available for iOS, So if you have a iPhone, iPad, iPod then you can participate in exciting matches together with best players. iPad users can use this application in any tablet position. You can also handle this game on your Bluetooth keyboards. Play more and reach on interesting achievements and come into the high leaders score board and charts. You can see the best players into the charts of best players for particular languages.

When you are playing this game and guessing for any phrase you can omit diacritics and capital letters so that you can guess it fast. You should also remember all the time that your answers are also been seen by other players which can make their task easier if you get their associations on the correct track. The chat option is also available where you people can talk together and discuss the game on healthy talk. If you are drawing at that time you cannot send any messages but you can see the conversation happening between other players. 

Charades if available for you to make sure that you are satisfied with the game before you pay for it. The free version of Charades has no time or any functional limitations and it also does not require any payments later on in the future. Only once, before the starting the game, an advertising banner will be displayed on the screen. 

If you decide to go with premium version of Charades then you will immediately receive:


Precious achievements,

No more advertising banners,

40 % points more then non-premium players,

You will receive phrase base updates everyday during the starting of this application.


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