Aspire Goals App Review


Aspire Goals Review!

Rating: 9 out of 10
Pros: Perfect application to visualize the goals you set in your life
Cons: None
Overall: Aspire goals is an application that allows the users to see the goals they have set in there life. They have a built in slideshow application that allows you to motivate yourself through pictures, music, and quotes that you have inserted and inspire you. Now that is only the multimedia end of the application. The actual application at its root allows you to set goals and use a simple slider to  increase/decrease the progress you make on your goals. The application personally is really great for setting weight loss goals as the application can really be motivational. However the application is not perfect for financial goals. It would work however its not perfect for instances like that.  Just for security purposes I would not be posting financial information in this application. Overall my experience with Aspire Goals has been really positive. I have become healthier and have lost 10 pounds.  Some people may however be turned away by the $4.99 price tag and I do have to say it is a little overpriced but if you use the application for its purpose you will look past the steep price tag and find yourself enjoyingg the goals you set and complete as not only will you have them completed mentally but visually the application will remind you of what you have completed and what you have left behind.

App Cost: $4.99
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