App Review: Bad Monkey and Bad Friends!


Bad Monkey and Bad Friends Review

Rating: 8 out of 10

Pros: A little addicting

Cons: Needs updated graphics
Overall: Classic game are something I search for. I look deep inside the app store and find classics that are updated and add twists to the original game. When I found Bad Monkey and Bad Friends I found a classic style game that adds the twists of monkeys and different style levels. I was really impressed by how simple the game was. You move around and try to catch what the monkeys drop. Its funny when you don't catch what they drop the monkeys and the items they drop explode into red confetti and then the monkeys run away. The game does offer a challenging experience as you are able to turn up the difficulty of the overall game but the game also naturally gets more challenging as each level goes on. I do have to admit though that the graphics are not the most amazing. I can't say they are poor but I can say that they sure don't take advantage of the iPhone's retina display. However this doesn't affect the gameplay it's just not as pleasing.  The game is worth checking out and the $0.99 price tag is very appropriate 
App Cost: $0.99
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