Day One - I have so much to tell you about kid apps

The reason there is so much to say is that this is my first post and we are twenty or thirty apps in on the iPhone/iPod migration into our lives via our 5.5 year old boy, Johan. We started out with some games on my iPhone but soon found that I was losing the thing to the kid most of the time and so we got the iPod touch to give me MY toy back.

I would have to do about 20 posts to get you up to speed with where we are... Maybe you can get a lot of that out of my upcoming article in the next issue of iPhone Life.

For now just be content with this: right now Johan is most of the way through Archibald's Adventures and any other game he plays is just a break from that. As a parent, I keep wishing he'd get out of that underground steampunk world and try to get some fresh air, like in a game like Bounce On, or even Kitty Kannon.

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In any case, I'll try to keep you posted on what's happening in our kid game travels.

Some quick notes:

Jetman EV - I just don't get it. You grab a few bubbles with your space ship, and then there's miles of dead air. Not worth our nickel, not to mention the asking price

APPTokyo's Happy Birthday Cake - reasonably well done but there's only one cake, your name doesn't go ON the cake (but on a sign), and they somehow haven't provided the actual U.S. happy birthday song, even as an option. Maybe they should hire one of the three million English teachers that already they've imported to Japan to help out with U.S./European cultural integration.

Shape Builder from - They say this game is for 3-6 year olds. It works nicely. My only concern is that as a learning the alphabet game, it's appropriate for three year olds, but as a puzzle, you might need to be 5 or 6 to actually figure out and assemble the highly complex puzzle pieces. If you have a three or four year old who can try this one, please let me know (either way).

More to come.







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